The Best Documentary You’ll Watch this Year. Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief


I knew Scientology was questionable. Like all other religions, it is based on vague theories and stories and the amazing leadership of one or a few people that convince the followers to do as they command. But Scientology takes it a step further. It’s a cult, wrapped with a corporation blanket and granted the status […]

What These People Do is Crippling WorldWide Innovation.


John Oliver is brilliant on his delivery of the most mundane topics. The writers that come up with the stories for the Last Week Tonight could be the best bloggers in the planet. They take some of the most uninteresting topics and turn them into comedy gold. Then John takes and makes it funny by […]

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Bruxie Sandwiches for Brunch

Bruxie S'mores

We are back at our place. If you remember reading about us moving out a couple years ago… well we are back now and very glad to be back. We have our favorite food spots nearby and we haven’t wasted any time going back. This is one of my favorites. This is the in the […]

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Movie Review: Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal. Riveting.


I found another movie that I skipped the first time around, I’m talking about Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman. This movie was directed by Denis Villeneuve who also directed Enemy also with Gyllenhaal. You can get it on Netflix DVD, Google Play, or on Amazon Prime. This is a must watch mystery thriller. It is […]

Paranoia Movie Review (no spoiler)


One of the movies I saw recently was Paranoia with Harrison Ford, Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman and Amber Heard. Well, I must say that it was a great movie to play in the background while doing something else completely. I like to have some background noise sometimes when I’m blogging or doing maintenance on my blogs. […]