Pardon the Dust

Excuse the mess in the blog for the next few days. WordPress has released two updates in the past week and a combination of the new updates with all the custom design and code I had on this site forced me to revert to a very plain looking site. Maybe it’s time to update this […]

Driving with Oscar – List Building Tips


Another episode of Driving with Oscar. I am your host, Oscar Gonzalez and this time I take a slightly different approach to your typical list building tips. I talk about list building and how it is similar to dating. I also talk about the infamous “free, just pay shipping and handling” method. List building is […]

What is a Startup?

Dawn of a new neighborhood. photo by me.

Startups are all the rage lately. It’s hard to go through one day without hearing about a new startup, that claims to be innovative, disruptive, working out of a co-working space with a couple of co-founders sharing a vision that changes as fast as the latest entrepreneurship lingo. Oh and don’t forget beer and caffeine. If […]