Affiliate Summit is More Than your Average Tradeshow

I recently stumbled upon this and thought it was pretty cool. I watched it and thought it would be perfect to share with you. If I had this with me everytime someone asks me … Continue Reading This >>


How to Monetize your Blog – Dot Com Coffee

Last weekend I held another Dot Com Coffee, this is our fourth or fifth and it went great. … [Read More...]

Internet Marketing Works. See some Checks for Proof

In this short video I go through a handful of checks to show you that internet marketing … [Read More...]

Blogging Myths Debunked

I'm tired of hearing non-sense about blogging. Here are three myths that so called experts … [Read More...]


Smash Burger. First visit, Thoughts and Comments

The other day we went to a new spot in town called Smash Burger. People are talking about it … [Read More...]


Christmas Arrives at Starbucks

I was doing some work at Starbucks the other day. I love going to the different local coffee … [Read More...]

Video thumbnail for youtube video That Word Bro, I Don't Think it Means what You Think it Means -

That Word Bro, I Don’t Think it Means what You Think it Means

Bro, doesn't mean what you think it means. At least not to me or where I'm from. Where I … [Read More...]

Whatever you do, stay away from Bitcasa

If you have read my blog for sometime, then you might have heard about Bitcasa. These … [Read More...]

Affiliate Summit 2015 Attendees, Did You Get the App?

The app is really good. I've been to many events that have an app and it usually leaves you … [Read More...]

Video thumbnail for youtube video Free Tickets for Affiliate Summit West 2015 -

Free Tickets for Affiliate Summit West 2015

So you want to come to Affiliate Summit with me? Why not!? If you want I can even give … [Read More...]

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#Autoawesome Invitation to Meetups in Irvine

Visit our weekly meetups in Irvine. We have weekly lunches and workshops and mixers for Dot … [Read More...]


Attention Bloggers: Lets Do This Thing #stopdiabetes

Recently I jumped on board to help the ADA promote their November Diabetes Month. I along … [Read More...]