Retailers test location-based services

I’m not sure that this geofencing thing is very useful. Why not just leverage things like Foursquare or Highlight for stuff like this. If I were a retailer, I would not want to get involved in developing this kind of technology. I think I’d like to focus on my product development instead and on sales. Even with the partnerships mentioned on the article, I think we’re too early on for this to be viable and successful.

When NFC becomes more popular, or even QR codes, I think that’s where the real marketing can be done.

Outdoor e-commerce apparel retailer The North Face, for instance, has an opt-in program called Summit Signals, powered by location-based digital advertising company Placecast. Summit Signals uses a mobile phones built-in GPS to detect each customers location and, when the customer enters a specified area around a North Face outlet this is called a “geo-fence”, they get a text message about a certain promotion, deal or activity. Interested customers sign up on The North Face website with their phone number and their gender and select the number of texts they wish to receive per week.

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