Whatever you do, stay away from Bitcasa

If you have read my blog for sometime, then you might have heard about Bitcasa.

These guys launched a couple years back with the claim of providing unlimited storage for a flat rate. The idea seemed great at the time because as storage pricing drops, this can actually be done.

I went in and paid for the best account possible with the promise of unlimited storage. I figured there is a limit, but with just a few terrabytes of data, I won't reach my limit.

The first time I tried using this was a disaster. The app wasn't ready, it didn't work. It couldn't throttle, and it behaved differently on Windows than it did on OSX. That's if you got it to work at all.

Most of the people that joined at the same time I did, dropped off early and I should have followed suit. But dummy me went on for another year and ploped down another year of billing. I fell for the promise of "we're getting better" hang tight.

And I figured, they are grandfathering us in so I'm all set. I promote the product, and I got in early so I get the best things available. This is how it works when you're a blogger. Usually, we get this stuff for free because our promotions and talking about the product is nearly invaluable.

These guys simply don't understand what it means to be part of the community and to support your early adopters. So today without further ado I tell you to run.

Run like the wind my friend if you see the name Bitcasa.

Some weeks ago I got a notice from them that I had until Nov 15 to pull my files off before they got deleted. That's it. They're going to delete all my files and those of hundreds of other people.

Why? well, because they seem to be making yet another adjustment at their flailing business. It's a desperate attempt to stay relevant and fight on. For that, I commend them. But I will not endorse a company that uses and abuses their marketing messages and tramples over the very same people that have supported them.

I wish I could tell you the new things that the accounts have to offer or the new pricing. But to be honest, I am not going to spend another minute using this app if I don't have to.

The app always had problems. The system is slower than browsing with a 56k modem when it does work. It wasn't until recently that they added throttling, did they totally sleep through 2007? I stuck with them for a while because these seemeed like growign pains and they reassured us in the forums that this would all be fixed.

To this day, the same complaints litter the forums and support areas. In regards to their new policies and account changes.

The deadlines they gave us are ridiculous. It took me almost 4 months to upload one terrabyte. And over time I've uploaded quite a bit of data. I couldn't possibly download it all if I wanted to in less than 2 months. Not at home, not without a corporate connection.

Bitcasa, out of respect for you, my reader. I won't really tell you what I think of Bitcasa and their management, but lets suffice it to say that they are the first company/person to make it onto my shitlist in several years. They made the grouch come out.


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