11 years as an eBay seller

This was kind of cool. I thought it was a smart marketing move and loyalty pat on the back from eBay. But I wonder where is my achievement!? It's time to gamify eBay don't you think?

I've been posting a few items on eBay, here and there. To get rid of stuff we don't need and to make room for new things we'll need soon.

I got this email from eBay today which really just reminded me of how old I really am. Ha! but it's been a fun 11 years eBay, looking forward to the next 10. We shall revisit this. How will the auction systems, methods and delivery will have changed by then? It certainly has changed a lot since 2001.

What's funny is that I dont think I've sold over 100 items for myself since then. But it's been very useful when I want to buy something that I can use even if it's pre-owned or to sell those items that just clutter up your home. With the announcement and realization of our soon to be addition, de-cluttering is our number one priority right now.

Trust me, we have a lot to do.

I think I've sold just a handful of items per year since I signed up.

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