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We're in 2012, half way through the year almost and I'd like to let you in in a little secret. Secrets keep things interesting but I hate having them in my head because I'm the worse at keeping them. I find it a lot easier to be open and transparent, you don't have to keep track of who knows what. But anyway, the past couple of months and back to the beginning of the year have been a roller coaster for me and my wife... but that's not the secret.

Recently Helen and I discovered great news. We're pregnant! So that was the secret, and now the cat is out of the bag.

We discovered the news one morning and Helen, just looked at me and said "Honey! I think I'm pregant!..." It was cute, we've been expecting it but didn't really expect it if you know what I mean. The "stick" wasn't very clear but a couple weeks later an ultrasound confirmed the news!

So that's the news with me lately. If I've been quiet or away it is because of this event and the whirlwind that our life is in now that we have to prepare for this. We are extremely excited and nervous. Panic came and went for a few weeks, and it took a good amount of time for the whole thing to sink in.

We've just completed the 2nd ultra-sound and everything is in order, everything seems to be fine and Helen and baby are healthy. We're in the process of de-cluttering our house and making preparations. We have been talking names, and things "we are going to do" in certain situations and stuff. It's fun!

It seems that a lot of people around my age and my groups of friends and acquaintances are also having babies. I wonder if this is one of those times that I'm noticing more and more of this because I'm part of it, or if we have a mini-baby-boom on it's way. Even before we found out we were pregnant, I had noticed that everybody is talking about babies. Wish us luck and come back for more info.

Expect more blogposts about parenting and life as a techie social media parent. (if I get any time).


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