Age of the Social Media Agregators – Day 08 #30DBC

There is a trend starting out in Social Media. As the space matures, we are seeing many people and companies capitalizing on this nascent space. I want to introduce you to two of my favorite social media apps or websites.

These services do a kick-ass job at consolidating your most popular, or most important social media activities for your readers to see. They take Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and roll them all up into a very cool or useful river of information. The best part about it is that it takes just a few clicks to do it.

The benefits of using these services is much more than satisfying your shiny object syndrome, they actually bring value to your communities and to you. Your community, friends, family and new connections get an overview of who you are, what you do and how you do it. It lets people catch up with your latest adventures without having to visit three, four or even five sites. The biggest benefit for you is that you can showcase yourself to the world with minimal effort. These sites offer great built-in communities and major SEO (search engine optimization).

The first service I recommend is Twylah. Twyhla aggregates your tweets into topics and makes a kick-ass website to display them all. You can see my Twylah page here. My favorite part about Twylah is its simplicity. You don't have many options to configure and customize it. But trust me you don't need these options. Twylah is also highly optimized for SEO so your tweets can be found by people searching the topics you talk about. I often search for something I tweeted about a long time ago and Twylah is one of if not the top results.

The second service I really like for this kind of stuff is Rebelmouse. Rebelmouse is similar to Twylah in that it aggregates your twitter feed into a very cool magazine looking page. However, where Twylah decides what to do intelligently for you, Rebelmouse lets you customize your experience and that of your visitors until your'e sick of it. You can choose which tags to show and even show other accounts besides your primary account. You can remove posts, and even add posts directly from the website instead of just letting it pick them from your Twitter feed. To be fair, Twylah also lets you post directly from your Twylah page and they call this a "power tweet." You can visit my Rebelmouse page right over here.

I recommend that you use both, they're not really hard to setup or use and they can only enhance your online presence and visibility if you're into that kind of thing. I have also added them to my list of social network profiles so that I give an opportunity to anybody that wants to follow me to follow me in their favorite network.

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