August Blogging Recap

Basics of Making Money Online. Email System

This is a post that shows the basic concept of making money online. Offer value and deliver the value. There are many ways of delivering your information, but this method is the best one out there.

Start. The Pressure Will Deliver

Sometimes, all  you need is a kick in the ass to get going. Sometimes you can deliver such kick by just adding a little bit of pressure to your work. Set yourself to deliver something and put yourself on the line. Sometimes the pressure will help you stop procrastinating.

The internet marketing basic sales flowchart

I created this flowchart to help me manage my tasks and my work. As you produce emails, funnels, landing pages and websites, sometimes you get caught up on all the work. Sometimes you forget why you might have created something. This helps me stay on track and keep tabs on the steps I need to complete in order to finish an offer, campaign or product.

It’s official, my new theme is Customizr

I switched themes in August. It's not the best, but it's much better than what I had before. I was using Woothemes' Canvas. But Canvas is a developer's theme, it requires a lot of design and customization that I didn't really want to have to deal with for my own blog. I found Customizr and it's been good so far.

Setting Goals

Setting goals sounds like cliche sometimes, but if you don't do it, then it's really difficult to know when you have accomplished what you set out to do. And it also helps you know when you need to adjust and fix your approach. This blogpost is all about setting goals. I also share with you some of my specific goals.

How to disable or customize the new Gmail tabs

Gmail made some drastic changes to their user interface. They added tabs to try to help you sort email for you. Some people like it, some people hate it. Regardless of how you feel about it, this post shows you how to customize it.

Super Excited, my Free Website Service just launched!

I moved the free website offer from my personal blog to its own space. I launched Real Free Website and this post is to tell you more about it. It also announced the grand opening sale which included three great bonus items when someone got the free website service done.

Excuses people make to not have a website

People tell me all kinds of reasons why they don't need a website. Really, they're just afraid or insecure. But I keep hearing the same excuses over and over so I decided to compile them into a list.

The Real Free Website Grand Opening. A success!

Follow up to the launch of the Real Free Website, I shared some of the success that I achieved. I am still very excited and things are going great with the new venture.

Introducing you to our garden

While I was traveling, I had some downtime so I decided to write about one of my hobbies. Gardening. This time I've been growing some edibles and this shows you a few pictures and explains more. I think I'll do more of these posts to show you the progress and the stuff I'm doing.

20 Reasons to have a website

Follow up to the excuses people make to not have a website, I compiled a list of 20 reasons why you must have a website. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to good reasons so I should have another list soon. If you want to contribute your own and get credit on the next post, be sure to leave it as a comment on that post.

iPhone trade-in program is an attempt at gaining shares back from Android.

Apple has a program that allows you to trade in your phone for some cash or credit towards a new iPhone. I remove the veil to really show what the trade-in program is all about.

How to Change and Activate a Theme for your Free Website

WordPress is great, one of the biggest strengths of this Open Source gem is the theme system. You can install themes, change them, and customize them. This short tutorial shows you how activate and change themes.

How to setup permalinks

The permalinks on WordPress are easy to setup, but just in case you need assistance, this shows you how to do it. Permalinks is the name of the url system you can use on your wordpress website to avoid using the post id as part of your URL. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you may want to check it out

How to invite people back to your website

A blogpost that covers some of the ways to invite people back into your website. These are all good, but one of them is better than the rest.

Floating Social Bar Plugin for WordPress

This is a review of a new plugin that finally gets the social media sharing right. It works, it's fast and easy to customize. I wrote a review about it and recommend you take a look and try it if you need this sort of thing. It is probably the best one out there.

Are you in an abusive relationship with your web designer?

This was one of my most popular articles so far on Real Free Website. Many people are stuck with their web designer or their web company. The problem is that the web design company, or webmaster takes advantage of your lack of knowledge. This is what you can do about it.

Keep your website lean and agile with smaller images

One of the easiest ways to make your website slow down to a crawl is to load it with big images. Most of the time your images and photos can be optimized so your website stays fast and loads quickly for all your visitors. I cover this on this quick article.

How to update your WordPress website

Updating your WordPress site is quite easy, but just in case you don't know how or you are not used to doing it yourself I made this quick tutorial. Remember you should always keep your WordPress website updated to prevent hackers and bots from taking advantage of any security holes left by out of date software.

Our Back to School special offer is in full effect

To promote September, and back-to-school, I launched a special for Real Free Website. This is a limited time special and if you or anyone you know could use a new web host then you should check this post out.

Skroll – Responsive HTML5 One page WordPress template

This was a really cool find. A free responsive HTML5 one page template theme for WordPress. I believe it is a limited time offer and if you check it out, you may still be able to download it for free. So far, the theme looks really cool.

Evergreen Post Tweeter – Twitter WordPress Plugin

I took a look at this newer plugin for WordPress. It's a replacement for Tweet old post, but I like it much better. It has a nice scheduling system and seems a little less buggy. Check it out if you want to promote your past blogposts on twitter.

Widget Visibility now available in Jetpack

This is the last review for the month of August. The WordPress folks released the Widget Visibility plugin which integrates really nicely into Jetpack. Widget Visibility replaces about a half dozen plugins and methods of customizing the widgets on your sidebars.




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