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I've been using for a while now and I have a few custom urls setup. Here's a list of them so I don't forget. I also might have referred you here to find a product or service I recommend. They're not sorted or anything for now, just grouped by what made sense to me at the time. I'll probably revise this regularly as well. Use your (command + F) or (control + f) to find something. You might think of this page as a directory of really good links I use regularly or share on twitter or facebook or here on my site.

Social media


The Real OG. is to make sure people know who the real OG is. It will just take you to my homepage. )


Link to my Twitter Profile from my other Twitter account. (


A good hip-hop Pandora station for when I'm feeling Gangsta. Ice Cube station (

My profile )


Empire Avenue

The list of Empire Avenue friends and people of interest. Good Twitter list to follow if you're into EmpireAvenue. )


This page List of all my urls, you're looking at it. ) (
Mirth Corporation Home I worked there a Systems and Web Admin for about 6 years. They're awesome. ( or


SEO Worksheet - Complete if you've hired me to do your SEO.
Secure Info Form - use this to send me sensitive information for support issues.
Secure form for SSH information( )
Secure form for SSH information ( )
Posted rates for my consulting services. ( )

This is a work in progress, more to be added later. Be sure to bookmark it if you'd like.

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