Stop this nonsense

I'm seriously sick of reading all the religious crap that we have to face in our everyday life. To be blunt, as many other better men and women have said before me:

My freedom is more important than your faith.

Or as I'd like to put it, my freedom to do whatever the heck I want without infringing on your safety or rights to do the same, is more important than any of your delusional

I found a first post article on that pointed out to a common trend in recent years. The absolute non-sense that some religious groups are advocating for. Take this very example, a group of delusional muslims have requested that Wikipedia removes references to their so called prophet. Mohammed, Muhammed, Mahomet or whatever you want to call this guy, seriously did a number on these people.

Remember the whole fiasco with the cartoons? Have you read about some religious nuts refusing to have their face showing on their drivers' licenses? Duh, what do you think a picture id is for? Well, the latest nonsense is a demand against Wikipedia to remove certain images. Notice how the page of the so called petition has most of the participants listed as anonymous; what a bunch of cowards.

The nerve they have to ask that we remove all references to their prophet, or god or anything else they feel is "offensive" are not only ridiculous but simply ludicrous. Why would or should we want to stop the spread of knowledge? If you want to remain in the cavemen era and limit your options by a lack of education then I seriously invite you to turn off the computer and go into a cave to meditate or do whatever else god has commanded you to do. Seriously, you can't have it both ways... you either get on the bandwagon of progress or you don't.

Also, if you are a muslim then, isn't the internet as a whole intrinsically bad (for lack of a better word) for your beliefs? You must be afraid that when your fellow muslims begin reading, and learning, -- and this is inevitable with globalization-- they will actually find that their religious faith is, like all others', simply based on false pretenses.

Get over it. Wikipedia is here to stay. As for the rest of us, rational, reasonable human beings, we will continue to read, and write of the knowledge we've found. We aren't here to indulge your feelings.

I'm glad Wikipedia has stood by their commitment to providing quality factual researched content. Here's the discussion page by Wikipedia.

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