Would You Buy a Tesla?

My short answer would be yes, yes, yes. My goal is actually a different kind of car at the moment, but we can talk about that later. Now we're talking about Tesla.

Let's see, they have the model S which starts around 62,000 and can go upwards of $96,000 with the top of the line S model and most upgrades. I think is pretty cool. 0 - 60 in 4.2 and a range of about 265 miles, that's a pretty nice ride that's also good for the environment. New models like the X are coming out and definitely will continue to come out in the forseeable future. It seems that the future has arrived. We probably would wish for a range comparable to a 300 - 400 mile ride, but it's not quite there yet. But just think of the possibilities. Soon.

Imagine, you drive couple hundred miles and you pull over to a station that removes your battery, and replaces it with a new fresh battery in a minute or so. You could be "charged up" and back on the road in just a couple minutes. Very much comparable to a traditional pit stop when you're doing a little road trip, for example, Orange County to Las Vegas.

You can also charge them at home or as a last resort, with a normal plug outlet if I understand correctly.

Some people are concerned because of the fires that have happened recently, but if you look at each case, they were all caused by high-speed (unsafe) accidents. Authorities have deemed the cars safe and as of just a few days ago, they released their report concluding that no recall is needed. And you know what? if the German safety inspectors say it's safe, then I would trust them.

But enough about that. What I really like about it, is that it is electric, 100%. Silent and they just look cool. Check these out:

photo credit Tesla Motors

That production facility looks pristine, so nice and modern, and these guys are working really really hard. This is innovation. We all should be applauding their efforts.

Then there's this demo video i found of the Tesla Model S. They show off their 17inch display. You can open your roof up. Like, really, open it up. Not a little sunroof or moonroof. Active-air suspension for comfort and you can adjust the height for different conditions. Regenerative breaks, means that the breaks help charge your battery. The energy captured from you slowing down is converted into power for your battery for an additional way to save on the power usage. Let me just let the video do the talkin.

I tell you what. I don't quite want one right now, but I am guessing that their stock is quite undervalued right now. People are concerned with the fire stuff, but really I am sure this is going to bounce back up and go past 200, once the smart people that would buy and support a company like this realize that the fires are not a concern, this is going to shoot up.

What do you think about the Tesla car? Have you driven one? do you own one? tell me in the comments.

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