The End of An Era

For anybody that's done web 1.0 and web 2.0; for anybody that's an OG of webdevelopment, or hosting you will recognize the significance of this. is no more.

It appears to have been acquired and rebranded as part of I don't know how I feel about this, but hopefully, the original owners cashed out nicely because the value this site has provided to me for the past 20 years is immeasurable.

I think just in July I did an audit and like most audits, it begun at Today I was surprised and found the domain redirected me and I was greeted with this:

The new look is very clean, but took a few moments to compute in my mind and understand what had happened. I thought "did I type the wrong thing" wait a minute, who are you!?

I tried to go to the Wayback machine to grab a screenshot of the classic look that we grew used to for the past decade, but they had blocked it; I might have a screenshot of my own.

Sneaky, they blocked the whole Internet Archive from archiving them.

Indeed, the end of an era. RIP

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