Driving with Oscar – Episode 3 – List Building Tips

In the third episode of Driving with Oscar, I give you some tips about list building. You probably haven't heard these before. These tips will help you as soon as you start implementing them. These work best with Aweber, but apply to other email systems too.

Another episode of Driving with Oscar. I am your host, Oscar Gonzalez and this time I take a slightly different approach to your typical list building tips.

I talk about list building and how it is similar to dating. I also talk about the infamous "free, just pay shipping and handling" method.

List building is essential to any business, the tactics change over time, but the goal doesn't. You need a list and at least two segments, buyers and leads. You can always segment more beyond that and you should, but you need at least two main groups.

For the lead generation part I use two programs. But at the very basic level, you need just the second one.

#1 Optinmonster, because it integrates with WordPress beautifully. It creates intelligent lead generation boxes and helps you retain more traffic on your WordPress blog. Rumor has it that it will soon be platform agnostic so I highly recommend it. You can get Optinmonster here.

#2 LeadPages is the other app I use. This has entire websites that you can build as landing pages and they are some of the best out there. They are mobile friendly, easy to use, and will work with any website you already have or will host them for you in their blazing fast hosting service (included in the price).

They are the leaders in creating squeeze pages and I highly recommend them. You can check out Leadpages here.

#2.5 ClickFunnels. Since I first wrote this post, I've added ClickFunnels to my daily toolbox and I recommend it as well. This is a more robust platform than most other SAAS. You can create squeeze pages or landing pages, or entire funnels with A/B split testing plus they have Actionetics and Backpack. The closest to an "all-in-one" solution. Watch the webinar here.

And of course, as I have mentioned before, I use Aweber to maintain my list. Both Optinmonster and Leadpages connect with Aweber seamlessly to make my life easier. Aweber is available now with a totally free 30 day trial and you can check that out here in this link.

If you can't afford Optinmonster or Leadpages, you can still use Aweber on its own.

Aweber has built-in lead capture forms and you can even create simple squeeze pages with it. I just prefer to use better tools for that, but if you just need to start somewhere, start with Aweber for free.


  1. Oscar,

    I like the video, very informative as always. I don’t necessarily subscribe to the fact that if a prospect buys a $5 product from you that they will buy a $50 product product from you (these numbers are arbitrary, but they help illustrate my point). Sure it increases your chances, but most likely they will continue to read your blog posts and emails which help build the relationship. Once that relationship is established, and they trust you it’s then that they will not only buy the $5 product, but pretty much anything you are offering them. Anyone can buy the $5 product, but that does not mean they will be a “customer.” A customer is someone who buys multiple products from you over an extended period of time.


    • Yes and no. I did oversimplify it, and I agree that a customer needs a little more commitment than a $5.00 product. I should have used the word “buyer.” And while the numbers are arbitrary in your example and mine, there is a type of consumer out there that will not spend any money until they’re 200% convinced they should. There is another type of consumer that will pay a small amount to test the waters.

      This is the consumer I’m talking about, the ones that are willing to “pay to try.” And the idea behind this methodology is that if they’re willing to spend a few bucks –so long as they are satisfied with the product/service– they are likely to spend more money sooner than later. This is why it is important to segment those people in your lists.

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