Entrepreneurs: Be Childlike, not Childish. – Day 01 #30DBC

When I was small the furthest I could reach was not so high.

-Every New Day, Five Iron Frenzy.

This month some friends from SMMOC and I are participating in a 30 day blogging challenge, so here goes my first post. It is about dreaming, about the childlike wonder we all have inside.

Dreaming is easy, we all daydream of that fancy sportscar, a pay raise at work, a bigger home, a smaller home. Everybody has their own dreams. The problem is most people only dream.

Daydreaming without action is childish. Imagining the possibilities and taking actions to explore them is childlike. Remember when you as a kid were invincible? You were the fastest, smartest, if you hid the seeker would never find you. Why were you able to be so great as a kid? Because you followed your dreams, because you didn't know there are obstacles.

I've been a dreamer since I can remember. The books that my mom brought home throughout my childhood inspired me. Science, fiction, stories, factoids and other books I read made me wonder about what was out there. What could be done "when I grew up."

As a kid I was given a lot of responsibilities because mom had to work hard to get us through life, and I love her for that. And I love my childhood but I also grew up fast. I was always surrounded by adults and learning adult things. At the same time, I took refuge as a kid in books and stories and movies. I was inspired by a family of self-made entrepreneurs and the great achievements of world heroes. I have big shoes to fill.

But it turns out I didn't grow up, I haven't, and I refuse to. I've often found many of my friends and acquaintances that simply grew up. I remain child-like. And they forget to dream now. They are tied down to a 9-5 job, they are tied down to bills and responsibilities that they hate. They stopped believing in their dreams and in themselves. You've let the apparent obstacles stop you dead on your tracks. And believe me, I too have responsibilities, I have bills to pay and like everyone today I struggle.

As I write this post I have the nagging feeling that I have several clients waiting for their deliverables, a blogging class to prepare for, a new child to make a home for and a Wife to keep happy. Not to mention all the minutia of daily living. But I have to do and not fear. I have to do and not waver in my resolve.

The struggles go on,
The wisdom I lack,
The burdens keep piling
Up on my back.

But you must remember to look ahead and if you follow your dreams, and actually take steps to making those dreams a reality then you will succeed. You must make sacrifices now in order to be successful ttomorrow. My journey is that of an entrepreneur, I have inspiration, motivation, and my dreams. I've been on this journey my whole life, but I only decided to make steps towards achieving my dreams two short years ago. This is what I will tell you about for my 30 day challenge. Follow me, inspire me, love me, hate me, disagree with me. Your choice, but DO SOMETHING.

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