Even the White House is going social.

If this isn't enough of a sign for you to consider your position on social media then I don't know what could help you. Here is a prime example of how the social media is changing our world.

Government is always slow to adopt new things. They are so big that it must be extremely difficult, but it isn't impossible. Someone needs to take charge and innovate. I found this great example put forth by the WhiteHouse.

They have their own flickr photostream. And here you thought that flickr was just for you and your family to share weekend pictures. Here's the White House, showing you some of the "behind the scenes" and every day activity that goes on there. In a picture format, at your level, in your inbox and your RSS. Hopefully they update regularly. This shows me how Obama is delivering on change. The change to innovate and to keep up with useful and productive trends, technology and how our culture develops.

They did it, the largest and arguably the most powerful government in the World has a flickr page. That is just awesome, but where is your flickr page? the one that shows your products in a personal way. Where is for example a picture from your last engineering project?

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