The Dot Com Lifestyle

You could say that I really enjoy living the Dot Com Lifestyle. Not having to be tied down to a job or a schedule lets me do a lot of things that I like to do. This is one of my favorite things, riding my bike with my dog.

It is safe to do this because I do it when everyone else is at work, so there is virtually no traffic or anything to bother us while we ride the streets in Irvine. Hope you see one more benefit of running an online business where you get to have time, location and money freedom. Until next time, cheers!


  1. Hey,

    Nice to see others living the dream. Gives me hope. I am at the very start of my journey to become someone who lives the dotcom life. It’s taken me a long time to find something that I truly love and want to do, so I pray that I make it a reality. A lot of hard work in store I think

    As for riding a bike with the dog, I don’t think I will be trying that. Looks a bit dangerous.

    All the best.


    • Hi Simon, glad you stopped by. Yes, the Dot Com Life isn’t just rainbows and pupies. It’s real work, but once you start setting up your systems and automation and learn the ropes, it all becomes easier. Work less, make more. — Good luck to ya. — I see you got a site started! Looks nice, now keep up with good content and consistency.

      Stop by anytime!

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