Everyone’s Having Babies – Day 12 #30DBC

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I think we are amidst another baby boom. And If you don't see it perhaps you need to get out more. I'm seeing pregrant women everywhere, my friends are all either pregnant, just had babies or are about to in the next 9 months. No joke, my Wife became pregnant earlier this year and just 2 short months later her best friend since childhood was pregant too. Her sister just celebrated 2 year old birthday for her son. My other friend just told me she is pregnant too!

And so I must admit that with just 3 short weeks left for our Claire to arrive, it finally hit me. I'm going to be a dad!

It takes no time to say those words and to think about it, but until all this baby talk started surfacing, I didn't really comprehend what it meant for me. My life is about to change, and hopefully for the better. I can't say I'm ready for fatherhood because everyone tells me that no matter what I think, I will never be ready. But I have to say that I have had a little bit of experience raising kids. At least from a relative's perspective. In Mexico, things are different than they are here, families are big and everyone participates in the raising of children.

Parenting and child development comes from cousins, unless, aunts and other close family. Not just the immediate nuclear family members. So I have had my share of diaper changing, child rocking and other similar things so I'm technically ready. I also am older than the average parent, 32 and so I think I'm emotionally ready as well.

Only time will tell, and well I'll tell you how it goes on this blog. I'm probably going to have a little section for my parenting adventures. Stay tuned for more.

On a side-note, today is day is day 12 of the 30 day blogging challenge and things are going really well. I have to catch up on the reading, curation and commenting for the past two days but check it out if you're interested or want to follow along.

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