Jessica Latshaw is awesome, or how music lifts your spirits


2011 was rough, I'm glad 2012 is here. Clean slate to kick things into a higher gear, and though I'm tired, and about to go to bed, I couldn't hit the sack without sharing this with you first. It made me so happy, got my eyes teary and just gave me hope.

Her name is Jessica Latshaw.

First, watch the video:

Then read the story:

Matt, who I didn’t know then, but have since gotten to know some, has taken out his phonecam and is recording it all. I start to sing. I start to rap. The guy in the SOX hat to my left starts to smile. The drummer’s friend starts to tell everyone what is happening; how we are strangers and it’s truly a serendipitous moment that we’re all experiencing.

how it happened that we played on the subway that day and you all know about it now.

I love how the guy on the black jacket with the Sox hat is all serious, like he's gangsta and all, then he can't help it but crack a smile. Yeah, that's how this song, no, scratch that, that's how *this event* makes you feel.

Then be happy to be.

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