Amazing, Ironman coming to reality near you.

Remember IronMan? Hopefully you saw the movie with Robert Downey Jr. The older stuff and comics are cool, but the latest film representation of Ironman is the best IMO. Wouldn't it be amazing to have that suit? Witness the early beginnings of something that will eventually make that suit a reality.

[youtube IYWd2C3XVIk]

Towards the end of the video its explained that at some point, this exoskeleton will be able to do semi-autonomous tasks. Imagine that a soldier that could get out of his suit, then send the android into a room to clear it before entering, or how about sending it around the corner of a building to lay down some cover fire. That would be so cool.

Then... Add a small portable EMP generator to each hand, a couple of rocket packs to the soles of the boots and you'd be set to go. Okay so maybe that's pushing it but it doesn't hurt to dream does it?

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