Tired of Starting Over?

Many people give up just shy of success. It's something that humans do. But there are a few individuals out there that don't give up, they're resilient. They persevere.

The rest may be afraid of success, maybe they're afraid of facing a challenge that seems too difficult to overcome. They retreat to their comfort zone. But there's a reason the cliche of stepping out of your comfort zone exists; because it works. People that push boundaries, challenges, and limitations persevere.

It is through this perseverance that successful people find success and if you aren't working towards that success with a solid vision, chances are you're going to give up soon.

You may be busy but broke, you may be focusing on the wrong things, spending time in the wrong places. Unproductive, you see the time passing you by, or you think any other number of excuses, like:

It's too hard!

It's too difficult!

I can't do it!

I have a job!

I am busy with the kids!

I have school, then I'm so tired!

I want to learn how to code first!

I don't think it is for me.

All of these are excuses I've heard in the past 6 months from people that won't push through and work through challenges and obstacles. Instead, they go after another shiny object.

After all, it's easy starting out, the brainstorming part is addictive, the busy work is distracting, the process of setting everything up is rewarding, it makes you feel accomplished. But then the newness wears out and you're back to square one.

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Are you going to make an excuse for your lack of perseverance, again? As I talked about in a recent video. The most important thing to change one's life is to start in the path towards that change, with a goal in mind and moving towards that goal.

But the next most important thing is to follow through. Otherwise, you'll find yourself quitting and starting over, again, and again. Make a commitment to yourself and follow through. I have helped many of you start with the 21 step training, or with a blog. Some of you have done well and are now running successful blogs or making great money.

But many people aren't using their blogs or making money. These are the same people that will email me and say "it doesn't work!" To which I respond that I want to help. I ask, show me what you've done that didn't work. I get no response after that. I want to help you, but you have to put in the work.

Did you finish the 21 steps? I get no response after that.

Did you write 10 blog posts? No response...

Sometimes I'll get one more response saying "it just doesn't work!" "It's too hard" or "I didn't understand." And the cycle begins again. If you already started the training, finish it, start your business. Persevere.

If you already started a business somewhere else, and you know it should work, and you have proof that it works for others, then carry on. It doesn't matter if you sell widgets on eBay, hand-crafted artwork on Etsy, t-shirts on Teespring, or digital products on Clickbank.

Put the uncomfortable feelings aside and push through. In a video Shia Labeouf did a couple years ago and has since become an Internet meme, he said something that fits my blog post today.

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