Fell off the wagon. Back on track

For a couple weeks there I lost track of myself and didn't do a whole lot of blogging. This happened for several reasons which I'll be blogging about in more detail. Ironic isn't? Some of these reasons are really good; others are not so good.

First the bad.
I got sick. Really really sick. I haven't been this sick in at least 7 years or so, and I hadn't been sick for the past 3 years. All of the sudden I got this nasty cold/cough and it totally knocked me out. I think it was bronchitis. No, I didn't go to the doctor and I'll tell you why and how I got better in an upcoming blogpost.

Second, I entered (haphazardly) into a funky pseudo-agreement with someone and it turned out to be a bad deal. Working through my side of the deal turned out to be a nightmare and the deal wasn't really good for me but it was golden for the other party so I had to re-evaluate a few things and this sucked up sooo much energy and time that I didn't really have the desire to blog for a while. That's done and over with, and I'm glad.

The good reasons now.

One, I started making some really good money online. Finally my efforts with affiliate marketing and online marketing are paying off. So I've been focusing on that quite a bit. Learning and applying. Lots more to come about this topic.

The Dot Com Lifestyle meetup. Recently along with my friends John and Marc, we launched the Dot Com Lifestyle meetup. Planning and organizing the events for that meetup took a significant amount of my time. You'll hear more about this as well and things are smoothing out a little bit.

Free Lunch Friday. As you know, I'm one of the leaders for The Free Lunch Friday. This also takes quite a bit of time and you probably have seen my posts on Facebook and maybe even got an email or two about this great event. It also takes quite a bit of time to promote and organize.

One good reason I hadn't blogged so much was that along with my business picking up and my online marketing efforts working out, my daughter is growing up. She's awesome and I've been spending a lot more time with her. Instead of having her grandparents watch her as much, I'm adjusting my schedule and activities around her so that I can spend more time with her. It's all about the Dot Com Lifestyle anyway so why not fully live it.

Anyway, hope you stick around and check out what I'm up to. Also if you went to the Home Business Summit I will be posting my thoughts, pictures, videos and summary of the event. It was one of the best events I've ever attended. Oh yeah and I recently launched a new Facebook page, and I'd love if you help me out with a like and some comments. It's over here: IM Scoop.

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