More Google Privacy Issues, Norcal is Not Happy.

More about the whole privacy issue with Google and Streetview. I think going to a private road is crossing the line, no pun intended. I see both sides of the argument and as a photographer, I can see where Google may feel its okay to do this. In the other hand, if I went out of my way to make my house be in a private road, then I expect it to be that way. Satellite images are one thing, but when you can take a picture at eye level where you might see into someone's house, that's not cool.

Now residents in California's Humboldt County are complaining that the drivers who are hired to collect the images are disregarding private property signs and driving up private roads.

In an episode reported recently by the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat, a Street View driver cruised past two "no trespassing" signs to collect images of a residence that is 1,200 feet from the public road.

What's funny is that this is going on in Humboldt County. I can see why the residents would want to keep their houses and surrounding areas private. Google... leave those people alone.

The whole article by Cnet.

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