FoodieChat on Twitter 6-20-2012

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What's #Foodiechats all about?

I found #FoodieChats by accident while I was working on one of my other accounts @incentivegifts. FoodieChats seems to be as the name suggests a Twitter chat for foodies and food lovers. Lots of good stuff went on, here's their official website:

Below is a recap of the tweets I found would represent the chat well. Thanks for reading and visiting!

By the looks of it, @steveGOgreen is the host of the twitter chat. He's another person I invest in at the time-sucking ever-growing Empire Avenue. Find Steve here

What do people talk about on #Foodiechats

Maggie Rupel - @MaggieRupel
Choux full of vanilla pastry cream #foodiechats

This little pastry reminded me of #mochilato in Irvine. So tasty!

Mary Kay - @MKinChiTown
Bacon wrapped scallop @drinkingbirdchi. It's HUGE. #TWSS #foodiechats

Totally different than the previous picture, but this is an absolute favorite of mine. I love scallops, bacon wrapped? even better. It's making my mouth water just thinking about it.

Shirley Lum - @ATasteofWorld
Next: "burger" flavoured potato chips;-) @kingofthenerds I mean really, who the hell wants "hot dog" flavoured potato chips? #FoodieChats

Meh, I'd say who the hell wants a "burger" flavoured anything other than burgers? burger-flavor isn't like bacon-flavor. One does not simply make something "burger-flavored".

Steve Green - @steveGOgreen
I am editing #Foodiechats 1-Year Video & U R in it @seamless @ramon_deleon @eatatunion @chi_dmb @NickCanHelpU @mommacuisine

One of the things regular #Foodiechats members have to look forward is a video that @steveGOgreen is putting together.

Steve Green - @steveGOgreen
Love your segment in #Foodiechats 1-Year Video @mafiahairdreser

O apparently the video is up already? I just don't know where it is... must investigate.

Michelle - @browneyedbaker
Nothing better than a blackened hot dog fresh off the charcoal grill! Pass the ketchup!

Delicious food, not the healthiest, but who cares? I'm imagining a good grilled hot dog just because of this tweet!

#Foodiechats - @FoodieChats
Spicy Tina and avocado go great together. #foodiechats

Spicy Tuna & avocado, yes, a great combination. Avocado goes well with everything, including bacon. Sweet, sour or savory Avocado is the man!

Green Global Travel - @GreenGlobalTrvl
RT @myschatheriault 20 Cost-Effective Cucumber #Recipe Ideas #foodiechats

This was a great post with a lot of good ideas. I love cucumber, but didn't think about all these options

In Closing

It seems that I joined #FoodieChats at an odd time. The 25th should be much more active as it appears that there is a real life meetup for this in San Francisco I think. Well anyway, That does it for testing out more "live blogging" with Dashter.

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