#SMMOC Meetup Notes

SMMOC (Social Media Mastermind OC) live.


Topics and notes

Swarm - some people say it's "too difficult." It just works. Install the app and get it to work like millions of other people or don't. I like it. I like the separate functions from Foursquare and Swarm.

Why use Swarm? - To check in and let people know where you are. It can spark a connection or an impromptu meeting. Great way to discover where your friends or colleagues are or have been going to.

Here's a great writeup about the reasons Foursquare split Foursquare into Foursquare and Swarm. Geez, that was confusing.

For those of you new to the whole SMMOC thing, let me tell you about it quickly then resume with the notes:

Social Media Mastermind Orange County

SMMOC meets on Saturdays with some exceptions. Check out their meetup page for the latest schedule. Here's a quick promo video I made for the meetup:

With the new location and a sense of renewal and a fresh start, I can only expect SMMOC to reach new heights in attendance and quality of the meetings. Come and re-visit if you haven't been in a while.

And if you've never been, then what the (enter favorite expletive here) are you waiting for? People from San Diego all the way up to Ventura County drive on Saturdays to make this place one of the hotbeds of Social Media discussions in the West Coast. #TrueStory

Ok thanks... back to the notes

Ello - A simple Facebook. Still in beta and by private invite only. The general consensus is that "it will not take off" it is too simple. It is too late to start a new "social network."

Some people still waiting for an invite. Comments to that... "Too little too late, Son"

Questions? Can you use it anonymously?

I like it, it's clean and I feel like it's the next attempt at fixing what the Diaspora group set out to fix. It may be too little too late, or could just vanish into the sad backburner of abandoned projects. But for now, I am all for it. You can find me at @Notagrouch there as well.


A simple way of running a group. The point here was that it is hard to convince people to leave Facebook to do anything outside of Facebook.

The real legacy of Facebook or Twitter or Google... their power comes in the form of the login api they have. They are almost everywhere. We use them even without knowing.

Long after the "social networks" craze goes down, Facebook, Twitter and Google will have the login system to millions of accounts and apps.


Video Hosting - Where to host your video? Vimeo, Youtube and Wistia. -- all are inexpensive. Don't even try to host your own, it's not worth it from any perspective unless people are paying for access and you can cover all costs (nearly impossible). Under most circumstances, most businesses need to use one of those three solutions.

* My personal recommendations are Youtube and Vimeo. Youtube first, Vimeo only if you absolutley must control who, where and when your video is watched. Please consult with an experienced professional before you restrict your video to a smaller audience than Youtube has to offer.

Music Rights for a commercial video or Youtube videos

Look for "royalty free" music. Some will be free and some will be paid. I recommend you look at TeknoAxe for a great collection of totally free, downloadable royalty free songs to use. You can also pay for the rights to use songs.

Some of the sites out there with music or sound effects have music created for this purpose so they'll have one song with variations of it, matching bumpers, intros and outros.

Here are a few examples:

http://incompetech.com (thanks Valerie!)

Thanks @Zengy for noting those down in the SMMOC Secret group.

You can also use commercial musical hits by purchasing licensing through 3rd party brokers. Usually the fees are very expensive for online media but this option is great if you want to play a song for an audience at a paid event. Say the "Eye of the Tiger" at a motivational conference. -- Yes I did go there with the cheesiest example I could think of.

I use TeknoAxe's music for almost every video I make, for fun or profit, for me or clients. See my latest project where I use his music here: PapiDaddyTV. But it has a certain vibe to it that may not fit all projects.

One more place worth mentioning is the AudioJungle website by Envato. You can buy music clips for most uses for $5.00 to $30.00 and from $50.00 to $400 for massive broadcast rights, like in a movie or TV with audiences greater than 10,000 or something like that. But the cheapest license is good enough to use in Youtube videos. This is probably the best bang for your buck in terms of quality, diversity and completeness.
Apple pay - not ready in iOS. Comes out in about a week.

Facebook Hypertargeting

Introduced my buddy Brian Switchkow to the #SMMOC crowd. Want to learn Facebook Hypertargeting? Learn what he has been up to with Facebook ads. Amazing, incredible and admittedly a little creepy. The prank stories are awesome though.

Business Insider - http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-use-facebook-advertising-to-prank-and-scare-people-2014-9

AdWeek - http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/roommate-makes-his-friend-paranoid-creepy-facebook-ads-160320

Brian's Own Blog - http://mysocialsherpa.com/the-ultimate-retaliation-pranking-my-roommate-with-targeted-facebook-ads/

 Pictures from the meetup

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