Getting things done, Google Video.

After my post regarding my inbox being empty, I got a few questions about GTD. Getting Things Done is a process that helps you manage EVERYTHING about your life. Its not rocket science, or even difficult. Most of the ideas and specific steps in the method of GTD are actually very intuitive.

I explained the system to a couple of buddies over lunch, after one asked me what was that about. I'm not the greatest teacher or presenter so I decided to find someone else to explain it for me. Who better than David Allen himself.

Check out this video from the Google Channel. It's a bit long, about 45:00. Its informative if you want to get an overview of the process. If you're already a seasoned GTDer then its just a review of what you already know.

[youtube Qo7vUdKTlhk]

Whether you use the GTD system for every aspect of your life, or just pick some of the favorite tips and tricks, this can seriously help you manage anything.

I like the neutral definition of work: Anything that needs to be done and it isn't.

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