Carousel spinining in the rain during our Italy Trip [blogpost]


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This is the Italian carousel that was in a small plaza in Italy, to be precise this was around the corner from our hotel named "The Pierre" in Florence. It is or was in the corner of Piazza della Repubblica / Via de' Brunelleschi. You can see it from this screenshot I took from google maps and from other pictures I found, it seems that maybe it's a seasonal or portable thing. Similar to like they have ice rinks during winter in some places. Because many pictures show the place without the carousel.

google maps picture of the carousel

Our Italy Trip

In case you didn't know, and I'll tell you more about it in upcoming blogposts, I had the fantastic opportunity to go to Italy with my wife for our honeymoon. I've posted pictures here and there. Some in instagram, some in Facebook and everywhere else. Starting with this post, I thought I would start sharing them all in one spot instead, I'm going to try to use the tag: Italy trip.

We did a few tours here and there, but this was one of my favorite moments and it wasn't planned or anything. Just a light rain and this place.

Same carousel, different angle. Posted on Instagram

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