Idiocracy, a Self-fulfilling prophecy?

Buy from Amazon or get the DVD from Netflix
Buy from Amazon or get the DVD from Netflix
Idiocracy, the movie with Luke Wilson is a great movie. I'd say is in my top 100, I love it and can watch it time and time again. It's hilarious. The movie, if you haven't seen it, takes place mostly in the future.

Without going through a full story synopsis and spoiler, Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph are the main characters. They end up frozen as part of a military research project and for some unfortunate reasons, they're not woken up at the end of the project which is supposed to end year later.

Instead, they are awakened 500 years later. To their surprise, humans have lost their intelligence. The idea behind how this happened is that the smart people simply weren't having kids as fast and as often as the dumb people and eventually the smart people just stopped procreating. This is explained much better than I can at the beginning of the movie. The extremely clever explanation in Mike Judge's story is clever and funny, but it may not be that far off.

We tend to make things better for us with technology. Things ar.....e easier to do everyday, less stressful, more rewarding, and often require less effort. For example take spell. check. I don't have to worry about knowing how to spell now. Google can find me the proper spelling of a word in a second. Take that further and Google can even find a phrase for me that I may want to use. I dont even have to be creative.

Even though I love the advancements we have achieved over the past 100, 500 and even 1000 years I can't help but wonder if some of these are just making us lazier and dumber.

Some would argue that these advancements are good for us because they free our brains and resources to learn new stuff and allows us to make new discoveries. I guess only time will tell, but sometimes I just think that we go too far in the name of comfort qnd convenience.

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