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Parker Dam – We took a trip to Parker Dam. It was great. If you follow me on FB, you can see more photos from this amazing place here.

Social Media Day 2020 

June 5



  • Quote by Gary Vaynerchuk. This comes from this video. And I realize I ommitted a little part in between, but the platforms he mentions are superfluous. These change all the time, what doesn’t change is the need to publish valuable content.

June 1



  • I Should Be The Weakest Link in my chain – Quote by Tarantino. If you want to watch the full interview I referenced, check it out here.

  • May 3 – How to read Think and Grow Rich for Free. Get a 2-month account with Scribd free here. I’ll get a free month as well, but you’ll be able to read or listen to Think and Grow Rich, and thousands of other books. I think this is better than an Audible or Kindle account.