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When Almost Every KB Counts

A quick update about my eCommerce project and a follow up to my previous post about speed. I didn't mention that I also activated the Performance/CDN feature from Jetpack. I didn't think to mention it because it was active when I ran the test and before I installed WP Fastest Cache. At that point, the site was loading…
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eCommerce with WordPress Update. Questions. Speed!

I'm almost ready to do a soft launch on my new eCommerce site. Life has gotten in the way a bit so I'm behind by a few days. I'm not making excuses, simply explaining. But now, moving upward and onward. I'm super excited about the speed of the website. That's the main reason I'm doing this update, so…
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Better Than WordPress? That’s Blasphemous!

In today's driving with Oscar video, I talk about a system that is arguably better than WordPress. In some cases, where you don't need a blog or a platform to extend with plugins and special themes or custom development, this is better than WordPress. I think this is particularly true today, especially with some of WordPress' latest "political"…
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Gripes with Jetpack and Alternatives to Akismet Plugin

I've grown a bit weary of the approach to things, especially when it comes to the overlap with One of the issues I have is Jetpack, the massive multi-module plugin that provides installations with some of the functionality available to websites. vs If you don't know what the difference is between the…
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