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Gripes with Jetpack and Alternatives to Akismet Plugin

I've grown a bit weary of the approach to things, especially when it comes to the overlap with One of the issues I have is Jetpack, the massive multi-module plugin that provides installations with some of the functionality available to websites. vs If you don't know what the difference is between the…
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One Half Million Words!

I published the blog post the other day announcing my 100 Day challenge and I got a nice little notice on my dashboard. This is a notice I wasn'' even expecting but it came in as a nice surprise. I use a plugin called WP Word Count Pro. This keeps track of how many words there are on…
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Wp Security Audit Log Tracks Activity on Your Blog

Whenever I used to work on a website with other administrators, we always ran into the same question. Who did this? or Who updated the plugins without running a backup first? Or just, who updated the About page without talking to the marketing team? If you ever wondered that, then this post is for you. Even if you…
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