Intensedebate trial on my blog is a fail

I don't get very many comments around here, so I'm not sure that this is even a valid opinion. A few months ago I decided to change a few things round on my blog so I can play around with different settings and options. One of these changes involved replacing the built-in comment system on this WordPress blog with a plugin. The system that would replace the comments is called IntenseDebate. You might have heard of it, in fact it is a product by Automattic, the company that produces WordPress.

I tried IntenseDebate and I'm incredibly disappointed with it. It is slow, clunky and despite having a million options and features, it fails to deliver when it is important. Sometimes comments take 3 or more hours to show up, sometimes days, and that's not acceptable. I've now removed it and I'm back at using the built-in comment system. I hope to try out Disqus next and see how that goes. I do appreciate the fact that

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