Sharon Ulery Ruggieri Featured Blogger.

Sharon is a riot! I don't think I've ever been on a facebook thread that involves Sharon where I didn't laugh. She joined our Facebook Blogging group and quickly took our group by storm.

She is irreverent, creative and right down awesome. Here is what she says about herself.

I'm a SAHM of six, one who's in the Navy and five at home from ages 6-17. We have five boys, one girl and I blog to "vent"

It's a family/humor blog with the tag line "A blog with sprinkles of truth" because I exaggerate. A lot, and my kids suggested the tag line because they don't want people thinking they really do eat green food out of our fridge. Looking forward to getting to know y'all

Once you read her blogposts, you'll be hooked and you will want more. She blogs about parenting, and about life and trust me it is a madhouse! You now have two choices, one is to go to her blog and subscribe and the other is to join our blogging group so you can get to know her better. The choice I'm not giving you is to ignore this awesome blog.

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