Introduction to for #SMMOC

During a recent SMMOC meetup, we talked about Ifttt stands for If This Then That, and it is a web service that allows you to automate certain activities online.

Ifttt is similar to other services like Yahoo Pipes, or Tarpipe; it takes a source of content and sends it to a destination. The source can be an email, RSS, SMS, Facebook, Read it Later or others. The destination can be Twitter, email, a phone call, a blogpost or others.

A common use of such a tool is, for example, taking a blogpost and automatically sharing it on Twitter; that's an easy example. Using what you call tasks, ifttt can do much more than just retweet your blogposts. It can save a picture you've shared on Instagram and upload it to Facebook. Maybe you want to change your Twitter profile picture when you update your profile photo on Facebook; yes, can do that for you.

So for my SMMOC friends and collegues, here's a brief video introduction to The video should give you a good overview of what you can do and how simple it is to use.

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