Eurekafest 2015


These are the highlights of Eurekafest 2015 held in Irvine at the Eureka Building. If you missed this event and you're a startup, entrepreneur, venture capitalist or a community member then you better be at the next one.

Eureka Building is home to Eureka Hub and Eureka Events. They are a co-working and event space in Irvine and they (Eureka Events) host events like this all the time. This was my first time attending one of the Eureka events and I had a blast. The food was great, the companies there were pretty awesome. Some were very innovative and inspiring. I also made some great connections.

I met Alex Sewell and Kina De Santis from Motormood along with other great entrepreneurs. In fact Alex Sewell will be a speaker at our next event.

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