Irvine is Covered in Yellow Powder. What is it? Vlog #2

I woke up the other morning and the entire neighborhood was covered in a fine yellow powder. If it were white and I were Tony Montana then I wouldn't be writing about it but it was not. I figured it was pollen but I couldn't think of what could create such a massive quantity of it. Come to think of it, I should have taken some pictures. Even my mother pointed it out when she came to visit Claire.

As I went about my day, I noticed it wasn't just my neighborhood but the entire town, everywhere I went I saw cars covered with it, parking lots and shopping malls. I got to thinking, and figured I had to find the common denominator. What plan in Irvine has the capacity to cover the entire city with it's pollen. And I thought that it could be one of the big trees that are often in the median dividers or one of the evergreen type of trees you see everywhere. So I found out what it was and instead of writing more about it I just made a quick video. That is my vlog for the day.

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