Last Knights Review. No Spoilers.


Last Knights, starring Clive Owen, Morgan Freeman and a cast of other people you probably don't remember except maybe Cliff Curtis as a bad guy before was a great movie. I'm probably not your average movie reviewer because I put aside all the other bullshit that critics tell you about the movies.

I read some reviews and looked at the ratings for this before I saw it. That is in fact why it took me a while to see it; the reviews and comments aren't that great. But I regret following the crowd. The pretentious reviews and commentary I read about the movie were dead wrong.

I won't spoilt it for you by giving away the plot, but suffice it to say that it had my undivided attention the whole time. I did figure out the plot and the storyline pretty early on. But this was part of what kept me glued to it; I had to see if I really had it all figured it out.

The movie is about honor and legacy. The acting is great and the tone is set by Freeman and carried by the rest of the cast. I could have used a little more action perhaps but overall, this deserves a high 7 in my book. IMDB gives it a 6.3, JoBlo gave it a 5 and I believe Rotten Tomatoes unfairly ranks it at 17%, especially when you look at something like Wild Card and see that movie getting a 28%. Makes me wonder if Rotten Tomatoes is still relevant at all.

Should you watch it? Heck yeah, I was entertained and intrigued. I liked the whole thing and understood the story, the message and the plot perfectly. I could have used a little more action and for some reason there just wasn't enough blood despite its very violent unroll. I liked it and I think you will too, I can tell why the critics didn't. But at the end of the day, if it entertains you, who cares what the critics say right?

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