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Quick review: Dirty Harry

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Found this on Netflix. I heard so much about it. I figured it was time to watch it. After the first few minutes, I thought: What a Bad start! What kind of sniper leaves a casing behind!? The rest of the movie just got worse.


I mean I get the whole thing with this being one of Clint Eastwood's iconic movies. But it was disapointing for me.


After the famous "do you feel lucky, punk" quote, I was totally put off. I had heard so much about this movie. So many lines have been made out of this, so many bachelors have quoted this movie during one or another drunken stupors. I wonder... have they actually watched it? The actual quote was anti-climatic and disappointing.


I like Clint Eastwood's other movies, perhaps more modern and more of my time. Unforgiven comes to mind, In the Line of Fire is another. But this was a bummer for me, I had to skip it.


I couldn't watch it past that scene and so I skipped it. Perhaps I'll come back to it, but I don't see that in the foreseeable future. Unless you think I totally missed something.
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