Make Money Monday, Shoemoney Book Edition


Today I'm excited. I'm a bit in fear about the work ahead. It's a lot. My buddy and I are still developing our product and we will show you a sneak peak in a couple weeks and exclusively for my blog readers, you'll get an opportunity to join the program before anyone else.

I'm excited because today is Monday and it's another day to go out and kick ass. I'm all pumped up. I feel invincible now so I'm using this momentum to move forward and work through some issues that are hanging over me. I'm pumped up because I just finished Shoemoney's book. Who is Shoemoney you ask? - Check out his website at - That's Jeremy Schoemaker's blog and it's cool. I've been reading it for a while now.

I got a chance to meet Jeremy at Affiliate Summit West 13 a few weeks ago during one of the ASW13 parties at Exotics Racing. Shoemoney, John, DK and Ryan invited a bunch of us to race around the Las Vegas Speedway. Anyway, that's a story for another post, or read John's post about it. Later on I got Jeremy's new book and got it autographed too. I thought it would be one of those books you get just for the novelty value. Like, hey, I met Shoemoney and he signed my book. But no, I was wrong. First, he signed it with a command. He said:

"Just fucking read it"

Second, he's a cool dude and I've been reading his blog for a while now so I really had to read the book. It was really good. I'll go into a full review in a day or so, but lets just say that you should read it too. Whether you're online to make money, to learn, or to share your own knowledge, this is a book you should read.

So I did, and I'm almost finished. I've got about 20 pages to go and I'll finish those tonight. Then by wednesday I'll show you how you can win a copy of the book. I've got three copies to give away and only those of you that stay on top of the blog will get a chance to win a book. If you have any friends that may want a copy of the book, send them over here so they get a chance too.

I'm also excited about a couple of my other ventures that are starting to make money. Nothing big, but just trickling in some extra cash. And to think that I've known about these techniques all along... if I had just applied them earlier.

So Money Monday today is about two things, The Shoemoney Story book which I'll be giving away in an upcoming blogpost. And my official announcement that I'm not only a marketer as I said before, but that I'm branching into online marketing and affiliate systems. Shoemoney says it's not a good time to get in, but that's probably in reference to the traditional affiliate marketing industry. I think I've got a different angle.

Talk to ya soon. Leave me a comment! Say hello.




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