Oscar Gonzalez reveals truth

I am a marketer.


Oscar Gonzalez reveals truthThere, I said it. Let me explain a bit. For the past 8 years, since I first tried selling an affiliate product online I've this internal struggle. The struggle of selling. I am not a sales person I told myself. And I stuck to that. Then a couple years ago when I decided to go independent and run my own business, I realized that I was in fact a sales person.

I didn't want to be. Fast forward to today and the same exact thing is true for me being a marketer. I am one, always have been and always will be. This means that I accept this as it is, I am a marketer and a sales person. Over the past few days, I've helped a few people come up with new ideas for their businesses. Ideas that could and should revitalize their business. I do this all the time, but I always felt that other people were just lazy and didn't want to think about the ideas.

It was effortless for me to come up with these ideas to help them out. It is what I always do and have been doing. I guess it isn't easy to recognize that some of our talents or gifts are valuable to others. When I say "I am a marketer" I mean that from a DNA point of view. That is in my bones, I am always thinking about stuff that turns out to be marketing. I am not saying I am a good marketer, but I just know I am a marketer.

During Affiliate Summit West #ASW13 someone I admire and recognize as a leader mentioned to me that I should be a full-time marketer instead. Funny they should say that because I've been working on this since the summer. I've been realigning my vision and goals with my interests and natural gifts.

In fact a few years back when I was visiting with a good friend from my church days back in Highschool, he said jokingly as I approached: "Oh no, here comes Oscar what are you going to sell us today" -- and everyone chuckled. I replay that moment in my head all the time, that was one of those tiny pivotal points in one's life where something just clicks.

So I am a marketer. And with that, I officially announce that in line with my new rebranding of my site, I am a marketer and will be doing a lot of that to help my make money and build wealth section.

Remember, know thyself! -- Learn what and who you are. Understand why and what it means. Move forward full throttle, unrestricted.

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