Multi Touch support for Linux, like the iPhone

Multi-touch support like the iPhone has been developed for Linux. The ENAC group in France has reported a proof of concept project that shows promising advances towards the development of iPhone-like multi-touch support for Linux. There's a video that shows a demo of the work, the video shows some of thew swipes, two finger motions, and other cool things you can already do in the iPhone like pinch and resize, rotate and such things. It requires kernel 2.6.30. Enac's website can be found here ( and below you'll read some more about this breakthrough event. This is freaking cool, check out how the guy flips from one desktop to the other just by swiping across the screen.

A development group at ENAC in Toulouse, France, reports that it has developed a proof of concept for adding iPhone-like multi-touch support to the Linux kernel. The group has released a video showing multi-touch effects such as resizing and rotating using Linux 2.6.30.

Based on Henrik Rydberg's recent additions to the Linux input system, and developed in collaboration with the Linux kernel team, the technology is billed as being true native multi-touch support for Linux. It was developed by Mohamed-Ikbel Boulabiar, Stephane Chatty, and Sebastien Hamdani, from the Interactive Computing Lab at the ENAC (Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile) aeronautics academy in Toulouse, France. Their YouTube video demo of the multi-touch code, available at the end of our story, reveals the ability to swipe, flip, rotate, and resize using multiple fingers, as well as a water-ripple effect (pictured below).... the full article is right here Linux multi-touch technology demo'd

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