My first Forray into Dog Training

Before I even had Picasso, I took care of Tyler. You'll see him in the video. This was the first time I tried training a dog. Most dog trainers know that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Although Tyler wasn't really old, he was a full grown adult. So here is about 2 minutes of me training him one time.

Notice the distraction free environment. You also have to be patient, no matter how old the dog is. I'm sure most professional dog trainers, like my friend Andrew would tell me this was not properly done. But oh well, it was effective. I got him trained to sit, lay down, roll over and wait in about a week with an hour or so a day. About 4 years later, he retains a lot of it, even though he doesn't live with me anymore.

You can try doing your best at dog training if you have patience and know a little bit of dog behavior (I've grown up with many dogs before and know a little bit about dog training techniques). But the best is to hire a professional dog trainer.

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