Stay Healthy and Help a Child with Passion4KIDS

Back in January I met this couple at an event I attended. They were full of energy and some of the nicest people I've met. As I sat there and heard their story, I was amazed at their journey. The Van Kesslers have an interesting life, but something I liked about them was that they had a clear purpose.

Check out the video I recorded, it's short and to the point and LInda is much better at telling you what Passion4KIDS is all about.

Charles story is pretty amazing, I'm not going to tell it all to you because I'm sure I'll butcher it, but I know he had a rough childhood. He grew up as an orphan during WWII, so you can imagine his outlook wasn't too bright. But he persevered.

Charle's is now over 70 years old now and has spent his life helping people. That's the kind of person we all need to strive to be. I like helping people too, no, scratch that, I love helping people but I can't tell you that at 70+ years old I'll be out and about chugging along trying to change the world. I would like to imagine that I'll be spending time with Helen in a tropical paradise, drinking fruity drinks with little umbrellas. But not Charles.

Charles developed a vitamin drink that is pretty amazing. I actually have tried it and it really made me feel better. But his efforts didn't stop there, with his life-long goal to change the world, he's using his vitamin company to help kids. This is what this post is all about. The other day I got a chance to have lunch with Charles and Linda and after lunch we headed out to the coffee shop 85°C (85 Degrees). This is where I got a chance to ask here to tell me more about the charity Passion 4 KIDS. Passion 4 KIDS is also one of those recursive acronyms I think. In their name, KIDS stands for Kids in Desperate Situations.

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