Six new social media tools for you


These are very unique tools that use the power of social interactions to bring the most value to their services. From watching TV to watching what is being said and by whom, I hope you or someone you know enjoys these.


As you exchange messages, this tool brings in more information about the person you're interacting with. It helps you track conversations and interactions on twitter, facebook and email. It works with Gmail using oauth so its safe, you can also use other email address systems. Next after email, you'll add your social networks and other information before you start using it. Great for business interactions and simply learning more about the people you communicate with all the time. This is awesome for social media users.


Allows you to search for a quote in a movie through the collection of movies to find the clip you've been looking for. They're brand new so don't scoff when you can't find your favorite quote from a movie. Given some time and enough interest, this is bound to be a gold mine for bloggers, movie critics and other content producers.


The idea is for you to find businesses that offer referal bonuses, by using RefMob, you can cash in some of those referal bonuses. I checked out the site and created a profile, it looks very well thought out but maybe a little complex. I have to give it a second pass before I say if I like it. The idea that you can make a few hundred dollars just by telling your friends about a service they'd use anyway seems like a great idea. Other sites like Groupon are cashing in on this.


Not really sure if this is considered social... but anyway. This service has two sides. One you can browse in your browser like any regular website, but the nice feature I'm looking forward with this application is their app. I recently ditched cable tv, so being able to quickly find good stuff to watch is a little difficult in standard resolution webpages. Every icon is way too small in my big screen TV. is presented in such way that it can make browsing with your computer on the big screen a lot easier and pleasant experience by presenting large icons and convenient navigation.


This is such a great idea and hopefully it works well. I'm looking to save some money in a bunch of events coming up this year and next year, maybe seatgeek is the way to save some serious money. The site uses fancy braniac algorithms to find you the best deals on tickets to concerts and stuff. It works by using historical trends to forecast when you should buy the ticket. It sounds like a snake oil gamble, but it could seriously work. I've signed up for an account and might give it a try soon.


Jumpstart your startup with favors from other start-ups and pay the favor back by contributing your own assistance to others. A sort of pay it forward system is what drives this service. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking for some work done at a low cost or for barter.

A few more worth mentioning: Similar to the mechanical Turk by Amazon, this helps you outsource tasks and jobs out to people willing to complete the work. Test out your programming skills in battles against other programmers. Compare candidates for employment, review competencies.
Social network for musically inclined kids. Worth checking out. Finding current hot topics and discussions around the web.

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