No Escape (2015) Movie Review

Here's my movie review and commentary about No Escape, 2015 with Luke Wilson, Pierce Brosnan and Lake Bell.

First the trailer if you haven't seen it yet. It's actually a great trailer. Just enough to get you hooked and give you a sense of the story but not too revealing.

This was a really intense movie. I would give it a high 6/10 or maybe 7/10 rating. The acting is fine, I even like Wilson in this.

But there is no comedy here. This is a serious, adrenaline pumping thriller. There were at least a few scenes that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Pierce does a great job too as a political corporate mercenary role that saves the day a few times before he meets his demise

You see one of the scenes in the trailer for a moment. Yes, tossing the little girl in the air. Wait until you see the full thing. #OMG

It's not necessarily a masterpiece, but it's better than a textbook thriller. The storyline is plausible and the intense action makes up for some of the plot holes. It is violent and gory but I think only as much as it needs to be.

Would I recommend you watch it? Sure. If you like action, escapes, shooting, political turmoil and don't mind some intense violence and civil war-like situations then yes, you must watch this. Is it going to win an Oscar? probably not but it will probably be on Netflix within 6 months.

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