NIght Train 2009, starring Danny Glover, Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski.

I found Night Train (2009) because I had run out of things to watch on Netflix. This turned out to be an interesting flick. Danny Glover is one of the main characters along with Steve Zahn, and Leelee Sobieski (both from Joy Ride). With three main characters played by actors I like, I thought I'd give this film a try.

Turns out Night Train is a low budget thriller. You can see several scenes where the train is animated as it cruises through the snowy countryside. But that doesn't take away from the storyline or the big twist.

Pete (Zahn), plays a less than average drunk salesperson while Chloe (Leelee) is a dedicated straight-arrow student on her way home. Conductor of the Train, Miles, played by Danny Glover and the two other characters find themselves in a dilemma when a fourth passenger in the train dies.

The passenger that dies was carrying a box and this box happens to have very valuable items in it. After setting up the plot and story line for the rest of the movie, we embark in the journey to find out what's in the box, and why each of the three characters wants the box. The conductor, the student and the salesman decide they will keep the box with the jewels and somehow get rid of the body, and walk out unscathed with a fortune.

As with most thrillers, the movie doesn't quite pan out that way. I don't want to spoil it because I found this to be a little diamond in the rough. It's low budget for sure, but the acting is decent and the story line isn't half bad. At the end, I think the twist will make this short movie worthwhile.

Overall I would rate this at a 3.5 - 4. I like how the film turned out with a dreamy feeling. It remnids me of that video podcast Tiki Bar on iTunes. The movie had this dreamy feeling, and frankly the story seems to come from a fantasy. Something that you'd dream up while waiting, while bored, maybe as you ride in a long train ride.

By the way, Tiki Bar stopped producing a long time ago but you can still watch their episodes from iTunes. They have great video podcasts and great drink recipes

Other Tidbits:
There's another Night Train movie from 2002 with a totally different subject matter.

I found it interesting that the lady in the train actually looked like a man. Turns out it was a man and for some reason actor Richard O'Brien plays Mrs. Froy.

Definitely engaging. Yea some weak plot points but this was one of the better train movies I've seen. lee lee was hott. The Japanese guys were hilarious. The dog was cute. Steve Zahn is always awesome. & Danny Glover plays the moral man with reservations perfectly. egoangel18

A fast-paced mysterious film set on a passenger train speeding through the snow with three main characters and one small wooden box. Danny Glover is the devoted conductor; Steve Zahn is a booze-nipping traveling salesman and Leelee Sobieski is a quiet introverted med student heading home for the holidays.

It's worth watching in an evening by yourself with nothing better to do.


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