Can I use Ozh’s random words plugin for WordPress in custom fields?

I had this idea to use Ozh's random words. I use this cool plugin throughout my sites to give them a fresh look for recurring visitors, for example, on the Know Thyself page, the quote that shows up on the 2nd paragraph is randomized with this cool plugin.

What if I want to use it to generate random words but place the code in the custom fields? Would I use the shorthand notation or the PHP notation? Would it work?

Update: 2021-10-23 - This is really old. I still like the idea of making certain words or phrases be randomized from an array of options so that the content seems as like it's being updated each time the bots come to index it. At the original time I wrote this, I found a way to do it but I currently don't have it implemented on any website.

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