No Recording? Whole Foods & Other Stores Have Archaic Policies.

Just hanging out with the family, running errands. I was told not to record in a store... whatever. The other store didn't care, and the kids had a blast. Let's do it!

There's a bit of a conundrum we find ourselves in with the current times and how people react to cameras and the ever-expanding nature of social media.

As vloggers and bloggers or just social media enthusiasts, we are bound to take photos and video while we're out doing just normal stuff. Living, shopping, walking, it is all happening all around us and a lot of us like to document or just make memories of these activities.

To some, they may seem mundane, to others this is life.

But I do have a problem with stores prohibiting recording in their establishments. I get it, it's their right and prerogative. But it's also our right not to patronize those businesses.

Some things to consider when looking at this topic:

  • They record us and all our movements, often before we even enter their stores, and we did not give them consent.
  • We (bloggers & vloggers) usually promote the business in our content.
  • We (vloggers and bloggers) most of the time film or photograph only the stuff we're interacting with.

So it leaves me to guess the reasons for these archaic policies. One, they're paranoid for no real reason or two, they have something to hide or are afraid their staff is going to do or say something wrong.

recording photo

There's another very likely possibility, and that is that upper management is totally detached from reality. Look at the second store we visited that day, you get to see their great products, their layout, what you can find there and ultimately they get some promotion.

Nobody gets hurt, nobody is embarrassed, but in contrast, some people are now aware of that store when they weren't before.

Either way, it leaves a lot to be desired and I probably will be looking for stores that aren't afraid of cameras, the first two to scratch of the list are Wholefoods and Sprouts.

At least Sprouts has a clear policy of no cameras posted on their front door, while Wholefoods doesn't. But Whole Foods, you really need to get over yourselves.

In any case, I leave you with those thoughts as I show you my latest vlog.

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