Quix Cheatsheet

If you haven't heard of Quix, and you're a webmaster, or a webdmin, or work on SEO a lot, you definitely want to check it out. I've been using it since the day it was announced and I love it, it hasn't replaced some of my major tools, but it is very helpful and extremely useful when I want to do quick analysis and check for "stuff". You can actually dig pretty deep into different types of information about a website or specific URL.

What kind of stuff? Well head over to its page to read more about it, you can also read Yoast's original announcement and read more there. There is a video on the right that shows you what it can do.

I put together a cheatsheet for myself a while ago, and I just cleaned it up a bit, so I thought I'd share it with you. I know, I know, other people have already made them before. I like mine because its compact, landscape oriented and easy to edit. You can easily copy it into your own Google Docs or your computer and make changes as you see fit, take sections out, make comments or notes, or whatever.

You can get to Quix Cheatsheet here hosted on Google Docs, or download a PDF version of it: Quix Cheatsheet (PDF) You can also download it in different formats, making it easy for you to edit on your own computer, from Google docs as shown below:

Many thanks to Yoast for making this available for us.

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