Robots that eat bugs to earn their keep!

Check these out! Two guys from the UK designed a series of robots that mimic some of the carnivorous plants in the wild. Well, kind of. These robots are functional, like a lamp that attracts bugs, and then "eats" them so it can continue to provide light. That's cool. Or a mechanical art piece --I made the "art piece" part up, I think it would be a cool art piece actually-- that steals flies from spiderwebs, then eats them to help out with the movement required to steal them in the first place. Neat huh? Check it out.

UK-based designers James Auger and Jimmy Loizeau believe that, if robots are ever to be welcomed into people's homes, they'll need to fit in with the rest of the furniture, and earn their keep. Their prototypes trap and digest pests like flies and mice to gain energy.... the full thing is right here Gallery - Carnivorous robots eager to eat your pests

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