Tiny WordPress improvement.


If a piece of software knows there's a problem its great when it alerts you of this problem. Even better than just an alert, is a follow up action to correct the problem.

WordPress has this type of mechanics, ((for lack of a better word)) for some things, for example, the Auto save feature.

If you open up a draft of a post, you might get a warning like this one:

But then when you actually go to the linkprovided and try to compare the versions to make sure you're working on the right one WordPress might tell you this:


If WordPress knows or can know that the revisions are identical, why take me through all the clicks and follow-up with this? Seems like a costly operation and a waste of time for me as a user.

A better approach would be to present me with a warning that says that there is another revision that was autosaved, but the current one and the autosaved are identical. This would just be an alert that can be dismissed. Some built in support could come along with the alert, like a warning to the user to check other tabs or windows they might have open that are causing the auto-save to trigger and prevent mangling your working document. But there shouldn't be anything for WordPress to do.

There is no need to take me through a bunch of clicks and page loads just to see that there's nothing for me to actually do.

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