Whether Food or Online Marketing, Fun is Always Better

For my daddy blog over at papidaddy.com I have written a few posts about food and nutrition.

This little video update for #movember goes right along with that subject; food and nutrition and keeping your kids well fed. Making fun food to eat is one of the best tricks I can share with you. It's a lot like marketing.

You can deliver the message in many different ways, but sometimes you need to make the delivery attractive and fun for the message to really sink in.

With practice you can try to always make things interesting and more fun so that they're well received. Whether it is food or your next online marketing campaign.


  1. Some very good points, and I just want to add that personally, I think that one of the very best ways for landing on page 1 of the search engine results pages (SERPs), even for a short period of time, is to issue high-quality press releases. They can be expensive, but they sure do work, no question about it. It’s always been, and will continue to be, one of the most powerful forms of Internet marketing. I mean, imagine being on pag1 of the SERPS for a few hours of few days, sometimes that’s all it takes for acquiring new customers. We had an attorney once who would unleash a barrage of press releases around holidays and other notable venues advertising DWI legal services, and guess what, the day after New Year, after a big sporting event – whatever the national occasion – he would always get phone calls. Brilliant!

  2. Good post!

  3. Great approach. It’s a fast-paced world and people want to have fun – it is always better, whether it comes to marketing or cuisine.

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